June 25, 2019

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Finish In The Shop Vs. Finish On Site - What's Better For Cabinets?

When you're a cabinetmaker you have 2 choices when it comes to finishing: Finish the cabinets in the shop or finish on the job site. Go up to any cabinetmaker and I'm sure you'll get strong opinions on the matter. It's a hot topic, for sure. But is one better than the other? Is quality […]

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The Best Woods To Use For Painted Cabinets

Some woods like paint and some don't. Here's a quick rundown of which woods to use and which ones to avoid if you're painting your cabinets. The best woods for painted cabinetry: 1. Soft Maple Despite its name, Soft Maple is actually considered to be a hard wood when it comes to density (harder than […]

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What Is The Janka Hardness Scale And Why Is It Important?

It matters what wood you use for your cabinet doors. Some woods dent easily. Some woods scratch easily. And some woods can get put through the ringer and still come out looking good as new. Depending on the space, a certain level of hardness may make it a better choice. Even though most people pick […]

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